Book Artist
20 numbered copies


“Los Tristos” by Verónica Sandoval is a hybrid handcrafted artifact published by Librosampleados. It is also an editorial performance of the snatched collection of books with a limited edition of 20 copies numbered and intervened by the plastic artist.

“Los Tristos” have as their dwelling an accordion that opens and closes to show in a cadenced way the fragment of a story. The drawings that are part of this artifact, were created and conceived in a digital environment and from there, from the pixel’s language, they were transferred to the materiality of the paper.

“Los Tristos” represent two human beings that, although they can be recognized as a man and a woman, their gender goes into the background to give rise to their feelings, their everyday life, their intimacy. The strokes of the drawings are delicate but decisive, which may cause curiosity because the first canvas was a touch screen and now, already printed and intervened, they give an unexpected turn to our perception, creating a different and unique encounter.

“Los Tristos” are many stories, countless, and that story will belong to whoever has this artifact in his hands.

María Amor